Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Radio Advert

Radio Advert by jacko123

Ancillary Task- Radio Advert script

I have developed my idea from the first radio script to something original and more effective.

Heartbeat, over the heart beating different people saying... ''i play'' ''i swim'' ''i run'' ''i lift'' ''i bowl'' ''i score'' ''i throw'' ''i win'' ''i serve'' ''i read'' then there will be a sound effect of a crowd cheering after a goal scored as that fades out then i will say ''i sport Chislehurst''

I feel this more unique radio advert will be more effective when trying to persuade my audience to listen, as if a radio advert like this comes on i feel a younger audience would be obliged to take interest to it.

This radio script has been a vast improvement and developed massively from the last script, this also links in well with my poster task aswell.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Ancillary Task- Radio Advert script

Radio Advert Script

Introduction music
Music continues

Do you want the latest news for your local area?
Do you want to find out about the latest local sporting achievements?

Then, i-sport Chislehurst is the paper for you
Has all the latest news from your Chislehurst
i-sport Chislehurst is avaliable to pick up from your local news agents or subscribe to free delivery. Also available, instant interactive access via your blackberry.
For more information visit out website: http://www.i-sportchislehurst.co.uk

Music slows down and then fades out.

Final Poster

This is the final draft of my poster. I feel it has gone really well and looks professional. Although, it has changed a lot from my other ideas i thought this poster would draw much more attention especially from my target audience. It has all the details which other similar posters have, i feel this poster will be successful and help to persuade people to read i-sport Chislehurst. It specifically targets my audience as my main audience seem to be individualists which means they will not want to follow the crowd and will need something different to catch their attention, as for this poster i feel it does exactly that. My poster is a basic design but has certain components which are clever such as, the background and the font and font colour which resemble a sports field this suits my target audience perfectly. The simple but unique style of my poster will persuade my audience to take a second look at the poster which means they have already taken an interest in the marketing of the paper as from the poster they will know the name of the paper so when they see the paper in a local store or leisure centre they are more likely to pick a copy up.

Poster Draft

This is one of the ideas i created for my poster, although i chose against using it i still got a few ideas from this draft. I didn't use this idea for my poster as it looks unrealistic and not professional. Although it does capture a lot of attention from my audience i feel it could be for the wrong reasons. I feel the concept of this poster doesn't work as it does have any meaning it is just a collage of lots of sports pictures that feature in my newspaper, although i presume it is fairly eye catching it is not linked with my brand or have any persuasion to my target audience to pick up a copy of the paper. Also, there is not a clear message within the poster so it doesn't specifically target my audience.

Ancillary task - Poster Sketch

I produced this rough sketch, this is an idea of what my advertising poster will look like. There is a lot of room for improvement as this is only a brief idea and many changes will be made to make the advert a success and look more professional. Also, it didn't really fit in with my brand at all. My poster is going to be a simple design as you can see. I hope to produce an aesthetically pleasing poster to appeal to my audience. When designing this i felt the use of bright colours and bold fonts would catch the attention of my audience and draw them in to taking an interest to the poster. This basic design followed most of the conventions but it was too simple to have any affect of my specific target audience as they are mainly individualists and need soemthing different and unique to capture there interest, this is why i considered against this design.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Final Newspaper

This is the final draft of my newspaper ''i-sport Chislehurst''. I am happy with how it turned out, it follows many of the typical conventions such as a 5-column layout but also has a sense of originality about it to attract to my target audience. I mostly used all my own photography however, some were developed using photoshop to help create this newspaper, by using my own pictures i think this makes the audience feel more involved with the stories and it also, adds some realism to the newspaper. I felt it was appropriate to change the layout, placing pictures and text in different areas from my paper designs.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Slide Show of Photo's

This is a slideshow showing you the pictures i personally took for my newspaper, i haven't used all of these pictures but some of them have featured in my newspaper. I considered the mis-en-scene and what type of shot i took for all of my pictures, some were of i better quality than others which is why i didnt use them all.

Paper Sketches For My Newspaper

These are the main sketches of what i aim my newspaper to look like when produced, this will assist me when designing my newspaper on indesign. However, changes may well be made if they are needed to make my newspaper suit its audience and look more professional. These sketches are more detailed than the previous ones i produced, this will help when constructing my newspaper. I chose to keep my designs fairly basic to stick to the conventions of most other local newspaper, so my paper looked professional i have challenged some conventions to suit my target audience. I used standard conventions such as a five column layout to keep the layout of my newspaper basic and not too complicated as my demographic profile is c2-e.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Audience Profile

I have named my newspaper, i-sport Chislehurst for numerous reason but the main reason being it links to my young target audience being very interactive and sport dominated. As my newspaper is mostly about sport and young peoples successful in youthful topics such as, music and arts. However, there will also be some important main story lines in the local area for example; Criminal activities. My newspaper will be called i-sport Chislehurst, the name explains a lot and could persuade a younger person to interact with the paper. My target audiences likely age is to be ranged between 18-26 years of age. The gender i hope to target will be predominantly males however, there will be stories based of female sport and other activities so it can also be aimed at females. The educational background i will target is working class people because, the sports that will feature within my paper will be sports classed as working class sports such as, football, boxing and rugby rather than the upper-class sports like water polo and horse riding. Therefore, the social background of my readers is likely to be is c1 to e. I will also take into consideration the psychographic, is likely to be aspirers because my paper will contain success stories because will audience can aspire to. The psychographic categories i will consider when targeting my product at a young person my newspaper is likely to target are innovators and maybe even trendies because my newspaper will help to inspire people to improve and succeed in specific areas while also, informing then of news. The psychographic profile of my newspaper were aimed at individualists which prefer original and different things rather than following the crowd, this is why i challenged many typical conventions throughout my project. I feel i have targeted and suited many things correctly to the audience profile i managed to consider

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Masthead Design

I chose to use these fonts as i feel like combine well together and also, catch the eye of my target audience which are mainly teenagers. The colours i used are bright and vibrant this is what i wanted to achieve by drawing in the attention of teenagers. The name of my news paper is very relevant because the 'i' stands for interactive as it will be a very interactive paper allowing people to interact by there phones. The 'sport' is because the main stories will be about sport and 'Chislehurst' because this is a local paper based in Chislehurst.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Metro and The Bromley Times

The Metro is the name of a free daily newspaper, launched in London in 1999 and can now be found in 14 UK unban centres and is also now the fourth largest daily newspaper. It is part of the same media group as the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday which are published by Associated Newspapers Ltd who are part of the Daily Mail and General Trust. The Metrol is avaliable from Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays on most public transport services across the United Kingdom. It now prints 1.3m copies daily and has 3.5m readers this is mainly due to the paper being left on various different trains and buses.

The Bromley Times is a weekly free tabloid newspaper for the Bromley Borough of south-eastern London. Its published by the Kentish Times Newspapers, a brand of Archant London which is one of the country's largest independant media businesses. Archant London own many national papers, many of these are free papers including; Chislehurst times. They also own, magazines such as, business to business life. The Bromley Times is distributed by several different means, besides door-to-door deliveries, a small number of copies are sold in supermarkets and pertrol stations. Many are distrubted by handout at Bromley railway stations and shopping centre's near by. There is also an e-edition alvaliable on the well constructed website: www.bromleytimes.co.uk

Newspaper layout measurements

Front Cover:
Page length 36cm
width 28cm

Number of columns: 5
Column width 4.2cm

Gutter space 0.5cm

Left margin 1cm
Right margin 1.2cm
Bottom margin 1.7cm
Top margin 0.8cm

Bottom advert 26.5cm by 6cm

Main headline, font 2cm
main headline 20cm

Masthead 18cm by 5cm down

Second page:
Page length 36cm
width 28cm

Number of columns: 5
Column width 5.5cm

Gutter space 0.5cm

Weather 20cm length by 14.7cm width

Contact us block 8cm length by 15cm width

Advert 24cm down
14.8cm across

Left margin 1cm
Right margin 1.2cm
Bottom margin 1.7cm
Top margin 0.8cm

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ideas for brief

After taking strong consideration to all of the options given for my a2 media coursework i have decided to produce a two page newspaper. My newspaper will be completely my own work with the use of my own photography and my own unique stories sourced by myself. I have already began researching local newspapers the first newspaper i looked at was The Bromley Times and the Greenwich News Shopper both of these followed most of the paradigms which you would except a local newspaper to contain, including; lots of advertisements, a very small sports section and then vital stories which are useful to a local reader. Both of these newspapers had similar target audiences which were mainly middle aged parents we realised this through the type of adverts that were within the papers and also through the content. However, i will attempt to aim my paper at a slightly different audience, aged 18-26.

Although my paper will be aimed at a slightly different audience i can take alot from, The Bromley Times for example the layout they used which was a five collumn layout, there use of advertisements throughout the paper including adverts of the front page. Also, there logo was placed in the top left hand corner of the page which is usually a convention for newspapers which i am likely to follow. On the front page i will have a plug for the main story with a large picture and a large bold headline to catch the eye of my audience. I choose to follow this layout as it is simple and clear, this will also suit my target audience as they will easily be able to take vital information from each article as they will also be able to find each article which they wish to look at easily which will make reading the paper more enjoyable.

My newspaper will be centered around local sport and music of young people including news on the modern lifestyle for young people with some shocking stories which i feel are important for my readers to have knowledge of, the media of today seems to be dominated by negative articles i will attempt to keep by news fairly light hearted but also containing articles which may be deemed as negative. Within my paper i will have to have relevant stories to the youth of today but it will still be fairly up-market to hopefully appeal to slightly more intelligent and educated young adults. My photography will and use of adverts will be aimed at both a male and female audience. I will ensure my newspaper covers all vital areas and conventions of an average local paper.

Below are some provisional sketches of what my newspaper may look like: