Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ancillary Task- Radio Advert script

I have developed my idea from the first radio script to something original and more effective.

Heartbeat, over the heart beating different people saying... ''i play'' ''i swim'' ''i run'' ''i lift'' ''i bowl'' ''i score'' ''i throw'' ''i win'' ''i serve'' ''i read'' then there will be a sound effect of a crowd cheering after a goal scored as that fades out then i will say ''i sport Chislehurst''

I feel this more unique radio advert will be more effective when trying to persuade my audience to listen, as if a radio advert like this comes on i feel a younger audience would be obliged to take interest to it.

This radio script has been a vast improvement and developed massively from the last script, this also links in well with my poster task aswell.

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