Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Radio Advert

Radio Advert by jacko123

Ancillary Task- Radio Advert script

I have developed my idea from the first radio script to something original and more effective.

Heartbeat, over the heart beating different people saying... ''i play'' ''i swim'' ''i run'' ''i lift'' ''i bowl'' ''i score'' ''i throw'' ''i win'' ''i serve'' ''i read'' then there will be a sound effect of a crowd cheering after a goal scored as that fades out then i will say ''i sport Chislehurst''

I feel this more unique radio advert will be more effective when trying to persuade my audience to listen, as if a radio advert like this comes on i feel a younger audience would be obliged to take interest to it.

This radio script has been a vast improvement and developed massively from the last script, this also links in well with my poster task aswell.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Ancillary Task- Radio Advert script

Radio Advert Script

Introduction music
Music continues

Do you want the latest news for your local area?
Do you want to find out about the latest local sporting achievements?

Then, i-sport Chislehurst is the paper for you
Has all the latest news from your Chislehurst
i-sport Chislehurst is avaliable to pick up from your local news agents or subscribe to free delivery. Also available, instant interactive access via your blackberry.
For more information visit out website: http://www.i-sportchislehurst.co.uk

Music slows down and then fades out.

Final Poster

This is the final draft of my poster. I feel it has gone really well and looks professional. Although, it has changed a lot from my other ideas i thought this poster would draw much more attention especially from my target audience. It has all the details which other similar posters have, i feel this poster will be successful and help to persuade people to read i-sport Chislehurst. It specifically targets my audience as my main audience seem to be individualists which means they will not want to follow the crowd and will need something different to catch their attention, as for this poster i feel it does exactly that. My poster is a basic design but has certain components which are clever such as, the background and the font and font colour which resemble a sports field this suits my target audience perfectly. The simple but unique style of my poster will persuade my audience to take a second look at the poster which means they have already taken an interest in the marketing of the paper as from the poster they will know the name of the paper so when they see the paper in a local store or leisure centre they are more likely to pick a copy up.

Poster Draft

This is one of the ideas i created for my poster, although i chose against using it i still got a few ideas from this draft. I didn't use this idea for my poster as it looks unrealistic and not professional. Although it does capture a lot of attention from my audience i feel it could be for the wrong reasons. I feel the concept of this poster doesn't work as it does have any meaning it is just a collage of lots of sports pictures that feature in my newspaper, although i presume it is fairly eye catching it is not linked with my brand or have any persuasion to my target audience to pick up a copy of the paper. Also, there is not a clear message within the poster so it doesn't specifically target my audience.

Ancillary task - Poster Sketch

I produced this rough sketch, this is an idea of what my advertising poster will look like. There is a lot of room for improvement as this is only a brief idea and many changes will be made to make the advert a success and look more professional. Also, it didn't really fit in with my brand at all. My poster is going to be a simple design as you can see. I hope to produce an aesthetically pleasing poster to appeal to my audience. When designing this i felt the use of bright colours and bold fonts would catch the attention of my audience and draw them in to taking an interest to the poster. This basic design followed most of the conventions but it was too simple to have any affect of my specific target audience as they are mainly individualists and need soemthing different and unique to capture there interest, this is why i considered against this design.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Final Newspaper

This is the final draft of my newspaper ''i-sport Chislehurst''. I am happy with how it turned out, it follows many of the typical conventions such as a 5-column layout but also has a sense of originality about it to attract to my target audience. I mostly used all my own photography however, some were developed using photoshop to help create this newspaper, by using my own pictures i think this makes the audience feel more involved with the stories and it also, adds some realism to the newspaper. I felt it was appropriate to change the layout, placing pictures and text in different areas from my paper designs.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Slide Show of Photo's

This is a slideshow showing you the pictures i personally took for my newspaper, i haven't used all of these pictures but some of them have featured in my newspaper. I considered the mis-en-scene and what type of shot i took for all of my pictures, some were of i better quality than others which is why i didnt use them all.

Paper Sketches For My Newspaper

These are the main sketches of what i aim my newspaper to look like when produced, this will assist me when designing my newspaper on indesign. However, changes may well be made if they are needed to make my newspaper suit its audience and look more professional. These sketches are more detailed than the previous ones i produced, this will help when constructing my newspaper. I chose to keep my designs fairly basic to stick to the conventions of most other local newspaper, so my paper looked professional i have challenged some conventions to suit my target audience. I used standard conventions such as a five column layout to keep the layout of my newspaper basic and not too complicated as my demographic profile is c2-e.