Monday, 21 March 2011

Ancillary task - Poster Sketch

I produced this rough sketch, this is an idea of what my advertising poster will look like. There is a lot of room for improvement as this is only a brief idea and many changes will be made to make the advert a success and look more professional. Also, it didn't really fit in with my brand at all. My poster is going to be a simple design as you can see. I hope to produce an aesthetically pleasing poster to appeal to my audience. When designing this i felt the use of bright colours and bold fonts would catch the attention of my audience and draw them in to taking an interest to the poster. This basic design followed most of the conventions but it was too simple to have any affect of my specific target audience as they are mainly individualists and need soemthing different and unique to capture there interest, this is why i considered against this design.

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