Monday, 21 March 2011

Final Poster

This is the final draft of my poster. I feel it has gone really well and looks professional. Although, it has changed a lot from my other ideas i thought this poster would draw much more attention especially from my target audience. It has all the details which other similar posters have, i feel this poster will be successful and help to persuade people to read i-sport Chislehurst. It specifically targets my audience as my main audience seem to be individualists which means they will not want to follow the crowd and will need something different to catch their attention, as for this poster i feel it does exactly that. My poster is a basic design but has certain components which are clever such as, the background and the font and font colour which resemble a sports field this suits my target audience perfectly. The simple but unique style of my poster will persuade my audience to take a second look at the poster which means they have already taken an interest in the marketing of the paper as from the poster they will know the name of the paper so when they see the paper in a local store or leisure centre they are more likely to pick a copy up.

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