Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ideas for brief

After taking strong consideration to all of the options given for my a2 media coursework i have decided to produce a two page newspaper. My newspaper will be completely my own work with the use of my own photography and my own unique stories sourced by myself. I have already began researching local newspapers the first newspaper i looked at was The Bromley Times and the Greenwich News Shopper both of these followed most of the paradigms which you would except a local newspaper to contain, including; lots of advertisements, a very small sports section and then vital stories which are useful to a local reader. Both of these newspapers had similar target audiences which were mainly middle aged parents we realised this through the type of adverts that were within the papers and also through the content. However, i will attempt to aim my paper at a slightly different audience, aged 18-26.

Although my paper will be aimed at a slightly different audience i can take alot from, The Bromley Times for example the layout they used which was a five collumn layout, there use of advertisements throughout the paper including adverts of the front page. Also, there logo was placed in the top left hand corner of the page which is usually a convention for newspapers which i am likely to follow. On the front page i will have a plug for the main story with a large picture and a large bold headline to catch the eye of my audience. I choose to follow this layout as it is simple and clear, this will also suit my target audience as they will easily be able to take vital information from each article as they will also be able to find each article which they wish to look at easily which will make reading the paper more enjoyable.

My newspaper will be centered around local sport and music of young people including news on the modern lifestyle for young people with some shocking stories which i feel are important for my readers to have knowledge of, the media of today seems to be dominated by negative articles i will attempt to keep by news fairly light hearted but also containing articles which may be deemed as negative. Within my paper i will have to have relevant stories to the youth of today but it will still be fairly up-market to hopefully appeal to slightly more intelligent and educated young adults. My photography will and use of adverts will be aimed at both a male and female audience. I will ensure my newspaper covers all vital areas and conventions of an average local paper.

Below are some provisional sketches of what my newspaper may look like:

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