Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Audience Profile

I have named my newspaper, i-sport Chislehurst for numerous reason but the main reason being it links to my young target audience being very interactive and sport dominated. As my newspaper is mostly about sport and young peoples successful in youthful topics such as, music and arts. However, there will also be some important main story lines in the local area for example; Criminal activities. My newspaper will be called i-sport Chislehurst, the name explains a lot and could persuade a younger person to interact with the paper. My target audiences likely age is to be ranged between 18-26 years of age. The gender i hope to target will be predominantly males however, there will be stories based of female sport and other activities so it can also be aimed at females. The educational background i will target is working class people because, the sports that will feature within my paper will be sports classed as working class sports such as, football, boxing and rugby rather than the upper-class sports like water polo and horse riding. Therefore, the social background of my readers is likely to be is c1 to e. I will also take into consideration the psychographic, is likely to be aspirers because my paper will contain success stories because will audience can aspire to. The psychographic categories i will consider when targeting my product at a young person my newspaper is likely to target are innovators and maybe even trendies because my newspaper will help to inspire people to improve and succeed in specific areas while also, informing then of news. The psychographic profile of my newspaper were aimed at individualists which prefer original and different things rather than following the crowd, this is why i challenged many typical conventions throughout my project. I feel i have targeted and suited many things correctly to the audience profile i managed to consider

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